Many people can’t tell these apart, but it’s super important.

The size of a spice tin can have a big impact, as demonstrated by a lawsuit against McCormick & Co. by Watkins Inc., a smaller company. Watkins alleges that McCormick reduced the amount of pepper in their tins by 25% while keeping the tin size the same, potentially misleading consumers into thinking they’re getting more pepper than they actually are.

This issue revolves around fairness and honesty in packaging. McCormick’s tins are opaque, making it difficult for consumers to gauge the amount of pepper inside. In contrast, Watkins offers smaller tins with the same amount of pepper as McCormick’s, providing transparency to customers.

Watkins argues that McCormick’s packaging strategy aims to deceive consumers and unfairly elevate their product above others. The practice, known as “slack-filling,” is considered dishonest and violates consumer protection regulations. Despite McCormick’s tins indicating they contain 6 ounces of pepper, the small and hard-to-read text complicates accurate comparison between products.

Ultimately, when purchasing spices, consumers are advised to scrutinize the packaging carefully. The size of the tin may not accurately reflect the quantity of the product inside, making it essential to prioritize what’s actually contained within the packaging.

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