He Chose Money Over Love, but Justice Came Knocking When My Wealthy Father Passed Away

Sarah, 37, shared a heartfelt letter about her father’s recent passing, leaving her in deep sadness. Raised solely by her father after her mother’s tragic death, their bond was extraordinary. Her father was a renowned lawyer, often called a “wizard” or “genius” in legal circles, amassing a net worth nearing a billion dollars. Despite their wealth, he taught Sarah the value of modesty and hard work.

“He wouldn’t even assist me prepare for my entrance examinations,” Sarah recalled, emphasizing how he insisted she earn her success independently. After graduating with honors and securing a job at a small law firm, her father refused to offer her a position in his enterprises, stressing the importance of her forging her own path.

Sarah’s relationship with Bradd, a fellow student, was met with skepticism by her father. “My father always told me that Bradd was a lazy, entitled man,” she remembered. After her father’s death, Bradd’s true motives surfaced when he immediately inquired about her inheritance. Shocked, Sarah responded, “What inheritance? I won’t receive a dime from my dad. I’m not even mentioned in his will.”

Soon after, Bradd filed for divorce, but Sarah had a final revelation for him. Her father’s will stated that if Bradd remained married to Sarah for five years, he would receive half the inheritance; otherwise, Sarah would inherit everything. “It was immensely gratifying to witness my ex’s sh*cked reaction,” Sarah said, feeling her father’s plan had been fully realized.

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