If you see a purple fence post, you need to know what it means

As the weather warms and you start to venture outside, be careful where you walk.

If you come across a purple fence post, it’s best to stay away.

A purple fence post is meant to send a message to anyone who comes across it, and that message is: No trespassing!

While property owners have the option of hanging a sign to indicate private property,

signs can deteriorate over time while paint will last a lot longer and still convey the same message.

In 1987 Arkansas became the first state to implement a purple paint law. Currently,

22 states have laws allowing landowners to mark the perimeter of their property with purple paint.

However, while some states use different color paint – Idaho and Montana use orange paint – the idea is the same.

At first many governments required landowners use purple paint and signs, but overtime signage was no longer required.

However, if you live in one of the 28 states that does not have a purple paint law, you may be unfamiliar with its meaning.

A painted post or tree means no trespassing.

In order to comply with the law, the purple stripe must be 3′ to 5′ off the ground and at least 8″ long and 1″ wide.

The markings must not be more than 100′ apart.

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