Dog Refuses to Leave Owner’s Side After Horrible Crash, Gets Comforted by Fire Marshal

A dog named Lucky was in the car with his owner on May 17, 2020, in Lyon County, Kentucky, when a gruesome accident changed his whole life.

Lucky was in the car with his owner on I-24 when a driver from Vergennes, Illinois, driving a motorhome pulling a trailer, veered off the road.

While getting back into the lane, the driver ended up hitting an embankment and flipped; he was killed on impact.

All the while, Lucky stayed by his owner’s side, who was trapped in the car, but Lucky stayed put with him.

A Facebook post shared by The Kuttawa Fire Department said that the dog’s presence helped calm the man while he was extricated from the wreck.

It also said that the dog wasn’t hurt and also played a major part in keeping his owner calm and gave him company till he was extricated.

It said, “Once the victim was freed we were able to get Lucky out of the wreckage. He was taken away from the scene.”

A photo captured by an employee with Lyon County State Highway a moment after the three victims had been rescued and taken to the hospital is winning hearts of social media users everywhere.

The caption said, “Once the man was airlifted and the adrenaline began to wear off, I snapped this pic of an exhausted, emotional, and dedicated Bill Compton, resting and caring for the dog. It touched me and I felt I must share it.”


The post further said, “What we think is also important to point out is what is not depicted in the photo,” the department shared. “What you don’t see is firefighters from Eddyville, Kuttawa, and Princeton Fire Departments and Stinnett’s Wrecker Service working tirelessly to free those trapped inside the wreckage.”

They pointed out that everyone played a part in dealing with the fatal crash and how the rescue was a team effort.

“The individual in the photo with Lucky the dog wants all to know how humbled he is to be allowed to be part of the TEAM,” the post said.

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