Officer Confused When He Sees Baby Bear Refusing To Move, Looks Closer And Jumps Into Action

Note: we are republishing this story, which originally made the news in October 2018.

Thomas Owens, a State Trooper in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest, was in his patrol car when he noticed a black mama bear and four cubs crossing the road. After watching the mama bear cross the road with her cubs multiple times, he finally realized why.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

One cub kept falling behind, and the mama bear was doing her best to keep him moving. The cub struggled, and finally sat in the middle of the road.

After spending a few minutes with the sickly cub, mama bear disappeared into the woods with the three healthy cubs, leaving the sick one behind.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Trooper Owens called New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife, and as he waited, decided to stay with the cub. He would be in danger if mama bear came back, but he refused to leave the cub.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Fish and Wildlife finally arrived and took the bear to their rehab center, Owens in tow. The trooper got a snapshot of himself holding the cub at the center.

According to Fish and Wildlife, the mama bear actually had five cubs, and had abandoned another sickly one earlier in the day. Fish and Wildlife officials were able to find the other abandoned cub before it was too late.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Both cubs will remain at the rehab center until they’ve recovered and regained their strength. They will then rejoin their mother and siblings in the wild.

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