It’s All About Focus: Count the number of hidden squares in this image.

Engage Your Brain with Math Quizzes
Math quizzes are more than just exercises—they keep your brain active and your mental focus sharp. Like any muscle, your brain requires regular training for attention, perception, and memory. So, why not enjoy exercising your brain while having fun?

Brainteaser Challenge
Take a look at the picture below: It contains a number of squares—but how many exactly? Try not to peek at the solution below. Let’s see how quickly you can find them all. Are you up for the challenge?

The Benefits of Brainteasers
Quizzes demand full brain power, engaging your wits and speed. They stimulate your brain while providing a fun and relaxing break from daily routines. Not only do they enhance memory and concentration, but consistent mental exercise can also help delay mental diseases and boost attentiveness throughout your day.

Brainteaser Quiz
The quiz below is a brainteaser that will challenge your brain power. If you get stuck, don’t worry—the solution is provided below. But give it a genuine attempt without peeking! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Are you ready?

Take your time. This is tougher than it seems.

Whenever you’re ready to check your result, scroll down for the solution. But no peeking! =)

Let’s talk about the solution. Remember, you’re looking for complete squares—it doesn’t count if it only resembles one. Take your time with this brainteaser; there may be more squares than you think. Did you miss any?


Let’s define what a square is: in math, it’s a shape with four sides of equal length and 90-degree angles between them.

So, how many squares are in the picture? The correct answer is 16.

If you didn’t find them all, don’t worry. It takes practice to spot them. Here’s the breakdown:

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