What made him reconsider? Initially, Gere was against starring in “Pretty Woman,” but after hearing Roberts say just three words, he changed his mind!

At first, Gere declined to appear in “Pretty Woman,” but when Roberts said just three words, he decided to play the role!
The consensus among internet users for years has been that Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were ideal casting choices for “Pretty Woman.” Many people think that their portrayals of the characters were so compelling that no other actors could have done them. But until 2015, very few people were aware that Richard Gere was initially hesitant to take part. In the end, it was Julia Roberts who persuaded him.

It was disclosed in an interview that the filmmaker presented the two protagonists in such a way as to guarantee chemistry between them. Julia handed Richard Gere a piece of paper with the simple request, “Please say yes!” while he was speaking with the director on the phone. Gere accepted the part, moved by the gesture.

Supporters of the movie showered the comments area with compliments for both the film and its stars. They praised Gere and Roberts’ chemistry and emphasized how the movie is still a timeless masterpiece. Many viewers thought the movie was a classic of feel-good entertainment and reminisced about seeing it several times.

The subscribers’ response underscores how “Pretty Woman” and its adored ensemble continue to captivate people throughout the globe.

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