If You Wait For God To Cancel Every Trouble Say:

To seek salvation from troubles through Jesus, people may pray or say words of faith and surrender. Here’s an example of what someone might say:

“Lord Jesus, I come before you in humility and faith, seeking your salvation from the troubles that weigh heavy on my heart. I acknowledge your power and sovereignty over all things, and I place my trust in you to deliver me from these challenges. Please grant me strength to endure, wisdom to navigate through difficulties, and peace to calm my troubled spirit. I surrender my burdens to you, knowing that you are my refuge and salvation. Help me to walk in faith and trust in your divine plan for my life. Amen.”

In this prayer, individuals express their faith in Jesus as their savior and place their troubles in his hands, trusting in his power to bring deliverance and peace. It acknowledges human limitations and dependence on divine intervention, seeking strength and guidance from Jesus to overcome adversity.

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