Two years after the heartbreak of her divorce, Valerie Bertinelli has found love again at 63… better sit down before you see her new man, because you’ll recognize him

Two years after her divorce, actress and TV personality Valerie Bertinelli has announced a new romance, confirming her relationship with writer Mike Goodnough. Known for her candid presence on social media, Bertinelli shared a selfie on Instagram with lyrics from Taylor Swift, signaling her new beginning. This post comes not long after the loss of her first husband, Eddie Van Halen, four years ago and her recent divorce from Tom Vitale.

Goodnough, who writes the popular blog Hoarse Whisperer, also confirmed their relationship humorously on his Substack, engaging with the rumors directly by asking Bertinelli in a “reporterly voice” about the truth of them dating, to which she joyfully affirmed.

Bertinelli has openly discussed her previous relationships, including her enduring love for Van Halen despite their divorce, in her recent cookbook “Indulge.” She reminisces about their connection, suggesting they might have rekindled their relationship if not for his untimely death.

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