Does anyone know the name of this and what it is/was used for?

Exploring the Enigma of an Unknown Object
A query was raised regarding the identity and purpose of a brown and gold object with a chain, shared on r/whatisthisthing.

Insights from Observers

Various opinions were offered by individuals:

  • Mark Zangs suggested it resembles a hookah pipe.
  • Emily Fink Bauman mentioned ether use.
  • Connie Miley Jones speculated on its use as an oil or vinegar decanter.
  • Werk Reno suggested it could be an opium pipe.
  • Ralph Haurin offered to provide clarification in person.

Potential Uses and Names

Contributors shared diverse perspectives:

  • David Fischer described a similar item from Spain used for drinking wine, known as a “poron.”
  • Tyler Anne Stillabower supported this idea.
  • Mark Boe and Mary Beth Remisoski likened it to a water pipe or bong.
  • Brenda Trierweiler and Robert J Mannino saw it as an oil or vinegar container.
  • Jeannine Gavalier Hart recalled a similar item used for wine.
  • Kimberly Ruge and Tabetha Stephenson suggested it could be a carafe for oil or wine.

r/whatisthisthing - a brown and gold object with a chain

Community Engagement
The discussion prompted engagement from multiple participants, each offering their interpretation and insights.

Conclusion and Reflection
In conclusion, unraveling the identity and function of mysterious objects requires a systematic approach involving observation, research, and collaboration with experts and communities. Embrace the challenge and discover the intriguing stories behind these enigmatic artifacts.

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