A lot of people had a crush on her in the 1980s, but look at her now…

Following her role in “Crocodile Dundee,” Linda Kozlowski gained international recognition alongside Paul Hogan, marking a significant career turning point. However, after the “Dundee” series and a few other appearances, Kozlowski gradually stepped away from Hollywood.

Born on January 7, 1958, in Fairfield, Connecticut, Linda pursued her passion for acting at Juilliard. After completing her degree, she debuted in off-Broadway productions and later transitioned to minor roles on Broadway and television, including “Death of a Salesman” alongside Dustin Hoffman.

Her journey to stardom was challenging. Moving to California, she worked as a waitress before Dustin Hoffman recommended her for “Crocodile Dundee.” The film’s success was monumental, grossing over $320 million, making Linda a star. “The film’s success was monumental,” she recalled.

Despite her fame, Linda felt Hollywood didn’t give her the attention she deserved. She continued acting in the “Crocodile Dundee” sequels but eventually stepped away from acting after the third film.

In her personal life, Linda married her co-star Paul Hogan in 1990, with whom she had a son, Chance, in 1998. They divorced in 2014. Post-divorce, Linda moved to Morocco, meeting Moulay Hafid Baba, and together they established the luxury travel agency Dream My Destiny. At 63, Linda enjoys an adventurous life in Morocco, finding real life more rewarding than fiction.

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