Can You Crack This Middle School Math Quiz?

Back in middle school, most of us used to absolutely dread a sudden math quiz. Not only were they confusing, but they would also fill us with a sense of dread if we knew we did poorly on them. But, believe it or not, as an adult, solving a middle school math quiz can actually be pretty fun!

Solving a quiz like this benefits us in two ways. First, it helps us recall how to solve particular problems. Secondly, it also makes us use our logical skills as we attempt to solve it.

Just like with everything in life, our brains can get rusty too. So it might feel a bit difficult to get these parts of the brain working. But similar to working out in the gym, after a bit of determination, the end product is going to be extremely beneficial.

So what do you think the answer is to the question above? Take your time and choose wisely!

Have you managed to solve the quiz? Trust us when we say the answer is right in your palms. If you’re still struggling, here is a small hint: try to remember the order in which a mathematical equation should be solved.

Did that help you? If you have decided on an answer, then scroll down to find it!

So according to the rule, we will first do the equation inside the parentheses. So, we do 2 + 1 = 3.

Now, the equation becomes 5 + 7 (3).

The second step is any multiplication or division operators. In this case, it will be 7 (3) = 7 x 3 = 21.

So the equation becomes 5 + 21.

And finally, there is only the addition that remains. This gives us the final answer: 5 + 21 = 26. So the correct answer is C!

Did you choose the correct option? If not, which option did you choose and how did you get it? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to share the quiz with your friends and family to see how much they remember from middle school as well!

Check out this video to watch how to solve the quiz step by step:

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