How Many Eggs Are Left? Only A Few People Get The Correct Answer!

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The Riddle: How Many Eggs Do I Have Left?

Here’s the riddle:

  • I have six eggs.
  • I broke two.
  • I cooked two.
  • I ate two.

How many eggs do I have left?

Think Carefully

Imagine you have the eggs. Surprisingly, few people get the correct answer. This riddle seems simple but is quite confusing.

Common Misconceptions

Some wonder, “Why throw out broken eggs when you can clean them?” Others ask, “Why include eggs you won’t eat?” The riddle focuses on counting how many eggs you have left.

The Answer

The correct answer is 4 eggs.


You start with six eggs. Breaking two still leaves you with six eggs. When you cook and eat the broken eggs, you are left with four unbroken eggs.

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