Heroic 5-Year-Old Carries Sister Out Of Burning Home, Then Rushes Back To Help Save 7 Other Family Members.

Heroic 5-Year-Old Carries Sister Out Of Burning Home, Then Rushes Back To Help Save 7 Other Family Members.

Noah Woods didn’t panic when he awoke one night to find his Georgia home on fire, even as flames lashed through his bedroom and smoke filled the air. He didn’t panic at all. Instead, he calmly got out of bed, grabbed his sister and got out through an open window, which was the only available exit.

For his outstanding work, Noah was named an honorary firefighter and received a rare lifesaving award for his brave actions.

Noah… is 5 years old. But once he was out of the house and safe with his two-year-old sister, Noah knew it wasn’t over. He ran back to his burning home, picked up the family dog ​​and pulled it to safety.
He then ran to his uncle’s house next door and together they managed to get the six remaining family members out of the house safely and contact the county fire department. Bartow County fire officials were amazed by the young man’s determination to get everyone out of the burning home.

Bartow County Fire Chief Dwayne Jamieson says, “We’ve already seen kids alert their families. But for a five-year-old to be alert enough to do that… it’s very unusual.

It was later determined that the fire had started from an overloaded electrical outlet in Noah’s bedroom. Noah’s grandfather, David Woods, who was one of the family members sleeping in the house when the fire broke out, said: “By the grace of God, all our loved ones were able to get out of our house. “If it wasn’t for Noah, we might not be here today.”

In addition to being named an honorary firefighter and receiving a lifesaving award, Noah also received a letter of congratulations from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. This is something quite difficult, even for a 5-year-old.

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