The move has been welcomed by travelers

Most people know that traveling is as tiring as it is thrilling. As such, people are divided when it comes to traveling with a pet. Some feel it only creates more hassle while others are reliant on the animals for emotional or “service” support. Either way, it’s become increasingly common to be at the airport, accompanied by cats and dogs. Pets often become more than just pets. They make their way into our hearts, and our families.

Then are greatly missed when they can’t be part of the family fun like vacations. As heartbreaking as it is to leave them behind, some people rely on their pets. Therefore, they’re seemingly unable to travel without them. Previously, when people travelled with their pets, they caged them and checked them. Leaving with the airline to be put in the luggage area under the plane. Then sent out on the baggage claim carousels to be claimed by their family at their final destination.

Although there was little to fear, as there have been limited reports of fatalities when pets have ridden under the plane, families still struggle to leave their pets with the checked luggage. They worry about their pets the way one might worry about their own child. Concerned their fur babies will feel afraid, overwhelmed, or confused.

Moreover, there are people who physically rely on their pets to inform them of when they’re getting low blood sugar. Wehn they’re going to have a seizure. Or may experience cardiac arrest. There are numerous instances in which someone may need their pet with them at all times. A matter of protecting their own safety. As a result, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not pets should be allowed to ride in the cabin of an airplane alongside the other passengers. Unsurprisingly, people have mixed feelings. By the end of 2023, the need to allow service and support pets in cabins became so high that more than 20 airlines worldwide opened their cabin doors to furry friends.

21 Airlines That Allow Flying With Dogs In Cabin
Air Canada Air Europa
Air France Alaska Air
American Airlines Delta
French Bee JetBlue
Lufthansa Southwest
TAP Air Portugal TUI Fly
Turkish Airlines United Airlines
Aero (semi-private) Vueling
JSX (semi-private) BLADE (semi-private)
Surf Air (semi-private) Tradewind Aviation (semi-private)
Aegean Airlines

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