Farmer Refuses To Bend Morals For ‘Shark Tank’ Judges & Earns Himself Deal Of A Lifetime

When Johnny Georges first appeared on “Shark Tank” back in November 2013, viewers of the show were blown away by just how good-hearted and genuine he was. He created a product known as the Tree-T-Pee that created a mini-greenhouse effect at the base of trees with the use of a cone-shaped tree guard made from recycled plastic. This process would help converse a lot of water while also reducing the amount of maintenance required and promoting a faster growth rate.

According to his website, Georges grew up in Winter Haven, Florida, with his single mother and his brother. He had always been a hard worker and eventually went to work with his father as a farmer, where he learned how to engineer and install irrigation. After his father died, he wanted to do something to carry on his memory.

Wanting to put his skills to good use and help create something that could be revolutionary, Georges created the Tree-T-Pee in March 2005. However, he needed help with getting it out to as many people, especially farmers, as possible. Finally, he decided to pitch his idea to the investors, also known as the Sharks, on “Shark Tank” in November 2013.

It was a genius product, but the Sharks weren’t completely on board just yet. Their main concern was that he wasn’t charging people enough for the product and therefore wasn’t making enough money to be sustainable.

Refusing to bend his morals, Georges proved that his humility and good nature were enough to make the product successful. Finally, the farmer landed the deal of a lifetime with entrepreneur and philanthropist John Paul DeJoria, and his product has been changing the world ever since.

Georges moved the Sharks on “Shark Tank” when he shared his personal story but shocked them when he explained his financial situation regarding the Tree-T-Pee. According to ABC News, he was able to make his product for $2.95 but only sold it for $4.50. The Sharks were not happy with how small the margins were, but the farmer wasn’t willing to budge and stood by his morals. “I work for farmers,” he explained. “It’s what I do, and helping them helps us all.”

Finally, DeJoria decided that he was in and wanted to invest in Georges’ product, and the two made a deal. “When Johnny said that this Tree-T-Pee saves 3,000% on water, you only use 1/30th the water, that’s when I knew this was good for farmers,” DeJoria said. “…I want to be this guy’s partner.”

Georges explained, “For me, it was just go up there, be yourself, and hopefully they like you. If not, well, they get to show the world what we’re doing to conserve water. Since then, Georges has had an overwhelming amount of success and sold thousands of Tree-T-Pees the night his episode aired. He has gone on to travel the country, making more business deals along the way, and even landed one with The Home Depot, as per ABC News.

In September 2021, the blogger behind Shark Tank Successes posted that Georges’ legacy has continued to live on years after he appeared on “Shark Tank” and is considered to be one of the show’s success stories. It’s clear that many people have grown to love the farmer’s product but have grown to appreciate and respect Georges for his amazing character.

What do you think about this farmer and his product? Were you surprised to see he stood so strongly behind his convictions? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family members and friends, too.

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