If you have eagle eyes find the mistake now! Give it a try!

Let’s see if you can conquer this one too! Good luck and happy solving!

While Thanksgiving festivities may have concluded for many, one family continues to revel in the joy of family dinners.

However, there’s something amiss in the celebration.

It’s almost time to feast, but before the family can indulge, they need to be aware of a major error.

Can you assist them on this joyous occasion and point out the mistake at hand?

Remember, you have just ten seconds, and your time starts now! Happy solving!

Zoom in, perhaps that might aid you in reaching the end of the puzzle.

Are you ready to see how you’ve fared? Well, we certainly are!

How close did you come to finding the right solution?

Share your results, and be sure to spread the fun by sharing with others!

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