For 17 years, this man has been living on the island he built himself. Every facility is there

Many people dream of a country house or their own small plot to take a break from the city and its bustle. Increasingly, people strive to be closer to nature and live more naturally. Canadian Shadow was tired of life in the city and dreamed of living in nature.

In addition, he was always worried about the pollution of nature and wanted to do something useful for the planet. He was looking for ways to at least clean up the environment to a lesser extent. Then Shadow came up with an incredible idea to build an island from garbage and recycled waste. He built a floating island in the river, equipped it and has been living there for 17 years.

The island has a two-story stand-alone house, a chicken coop, gardens, and even a compost shed. The man has been living on the water for seventeen years. The island consists of four parts, each of them is autonomous. Separate solar panels are installed on each of them to provide electricity.

The man collects branches and logs from the river to use as firewood, grows his own food in barrels, and collects water from a nearby spring. It filters water using several layers of plants and husks. He composts all waste, and does not dump it overboard.

His island has everything you need for life. All household amenities are installed in the house, and Shadow also loves books very much and there is a whole library in his house on the river. A man grows tomatoes and cucumbers, and in order to know for sure how to properly plant, he reads in the appropriate books.

The floating island became the second home for Shadow. He circles the river in his boat and collects debris from it every day. He uses something for his island, and something he throws into the bins for the processing of raw materials.

Most of his time he spends maintaining his floating residence. Sometimes friends visit him. Shadow does not regret his decision. It’s been twelve years since he left town, but he’s never changed his mind. A man feels himself calmly and confidently alone with nature. All the garbage and unnecessary rubbish that he finds in the area, the man uses in the construction of his island.

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