An elephant that is considered royal because of its pink skin.

The elephant named Khanisa has a unique pink skin. Volunteers found him alone in a private nature reserve near the border of a South African national park. Elephants, like small children, need love and care. The employees of the organization took care of the elephant and watched how it gained weight.

Khanisa was given milk and she never gave up her favorite delicacy. The staff of the shelter fed the baby elephant from a bottle. It is very touching to see how the animal loves and trusts its rescuers. Khanisa is an exceptionally strong and brave little elephant.

The baby elephant is incredibly cheerful and has an indomitable spirit. By the way, it was not by chance that the volunteers named the baby elephant that way. “Khanisa” means “light” in the Shona language, the language of the people of Zimbabwe.

It was time to introduce Hanis to other elephants. His wonderful encounter with the Jabulan herd was caught on video. It is amazing how the herd immediately accepts this little elephant. They start blowing the trunks as a sign of greeting and friendship. The baby elephant immediately becomes a member of this big family.

Elephants with skin like this are extremely rare. Their skin is not white, but pink. For example, in Thailand, white or pink elephants are considered sacred and a symbol of the royal family. All elephants found are dedicated to the king for sacred ceremonies.

Historically, the status of kings was measured by the number of white elephants they owned. Pink elephants are a real rarity in nature. Most people think that they simply do not exist. Usually, the skin of such elephants is reddish brown, but when wet, they turn light pink. They also have open eyelashes and toenails.

Despite their unusual appearance, the rare pink elephants, officially known as white elephants, are not very different from ordinary elephants.

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