My son stays quiet as his wife insults me just to soon teach her a lesson in front of the whole family

As everyone gathered around the dinner table, the tension in the air was palpable. Liz, with her air of entitlement, sat smugly at one end, while John, my son, seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. I tried to ignore the hurtful remarks Liz had made earlier, focusing instead on serving the meal I had prepared with love and care.

As the evening progressed, I noticed Liz making snide comments about the food to anyone who would listen. Despite my best efforts to maintain composure, her relentless insults were taking their toll. But just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, a mischievous idea crept into my mind.

With a determined glint in my eye, I excused myself from the table under the guise of fetching dessert. Little did Liz know, I had something special planned. Sneaking into the kitchen, I quickly retrieved a secret ingredient I had stashed away for emergencies just like this.

Returning to the dining room, I presented Liz with a beautifully plated dessert, a decadent chocolate cake adorned with raspberries. Smiling sweetly, I encouraged her to try a generous slice. Oblivious to my intentions, Liz eagerly took a bite, her face instantly contorting in disgust.

Unbeknownst to her, I had infused the cake with a potent dose of chili powder, turning what should have been a sweet delight into a fiery inferno. As Liz desperately reached for her water glass, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

The room erupted into laughter as Liz struggled to extinguish the flames raging in her mouth. John, finally breaking his silence, couldn’t contain his amusement at his wife’s discomfort. And as for me, watching Liz squirm was the sweetest revenge I could have asked for.

From that day forward, Liz learned to think twice before insulting her mother-in-law’s cooking again. And as for me, I reclaimed my rightful place as the queen of the kitchen, serving up delicious meals without fear of criticism.

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