Woman Who Tugged On Teen’s Skirt Will Be Facing Sexual Battery Charges

We all make mistakes in life, even when we’re older. And unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes have serious consequences. Take the case of Ida Ann Lorenzo, who made a terrible decision to shame a teenager by pulling down her skirt.

This incident happened on a Saturday night at the Sakura Japanese Steakhouse in St. George, Utah. Lorenzo approached a group of girls and began harassing one of them about her outfit. The girls, quick to respond, started recording a video and shared it on TikTok.

Lorenzo went on to complain about the girl’s exposed derrière and even threatened to call child protective services. The brave teenagers stood their ground and challenged her actions.

Undeterred, Lorenzo claimed to work for the state and threatened to call the police.

But karma caught up with her. In a shocking twist, Lorenzo now finds herself facing charges. Instead of reporting the incident for indecent exposure like she claimed she would, she is being charged with sexual battery. As a result, she has been booked into the local correctional facility.

Lorenzo’s defense was that the girl was exposing her pubic hair in public and her skirt was “hiked above her v*gina and butt.” However, her attempt to justify her actions didn’t hold up.

The video of the incident gained significant attention after it was posted on TikTok. The public response was immense and people expressed their opinions in the comments section. It’s amazing to see how social media can shed light on such incidents and bring about justice.

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