The man spent 25,000 dollars on an old bus and turned it into a wonderful house. He rents out the house to tourists

A resident of Portland came up with an original way to make money. a Man bought an old double-decker bus, converted it into a mini-house and began to rent it out. Whill Scott is a master and craftsman who does excellent repairs, plumbing, electricity and more. The man is a true master of all trades.When he saw that a 70-year-old bus was being sold for next to nothing, he decided to buy it and convert it into a motorhome. He decided to do all the work himself. At this time, Scott bought a country-house and had a free area in the backyard.

There he decided to park the future motorhome. Having bought an old bus, he immediately set to work on the reconstruction. The bus was in very poor condition both outside and inside. The first thing Scott did was clean it from dust and dirt. The bus stood for several years in an open parking lot in the rain and snow. Then he completely updated the look of the bus, repainting it in a new color.

Then he changed the roof so that it did not leak and put in new windows. The walls needed to be insulated, which he did. The man then took up the interior. He replaced the hutches and used woodwork on the inside of the walls. To make the ceiling higher, in some places he simply removed the partition between the first and second floors.

To save on building materials, the man used leftover wood from a Portland door company that belonged to his friend. Friends and relatives helped him in the reconstruction of the bus. Scott’s father was a carpenter and took over all the woodwork. One of his close friends helped with electricity. In the end, everyone was happy with the result.

The bus turned into a mini apartment with all amenities. On the first floor, Scott made a living room, kitchen and bathroom, and on the second floor he placed sleeping places. The man spent $ 25,000 on the reconstruction of the bus, and he bought it for $ 8,000. Now William rents the bus to tourists for a daily fee, which brings him a lot of income.

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