A black waitress had to serve a Donald Trump supporter – an hour later she saw this on the table

If you put aside your prejudices and treat others like family or friends – without thinking where they are or what their backgrounds are – you may be surprised to find out what will happen.

Just ask Rosalind Harris.

Rosalind Harris is a waitress at a coffee shop in Washington, DC.

One day, at the end of January, a man entered the cafe with his two friends and ordered lunch – and the three white men sat down at the table which Rosalind was serving.

The men were at the capital to watch the swearing-in ceremony of US President Donald Trump – a man who said, among other things, things like “our African-American communities are in the worst situation ever”.

As they we wearing hats that say “Make America great again”, the three men stood out among the other diners. To say the least.

The walls of the cafe are decorated with African-American art and pictures, according to the Washington Post article.

And Rosalind Harris had participated two days before in the women’s march against Donland Trump.

The waitress and the three men were at different ends of the political spectrum, and the day they met was the time when the emotions raged in the city.

Still, Rosalind decided to put everything aside and treat her customers just like any other customer.

She greeted them with a smile and a short conversation. And her behavior not only stunned the three customers, but also made them show her how much they valued her.

When Rosalind took the bill back from the table, she got a huge surprise.

One of the men, James White, wrote something on the receipt. He wrote:

“We may come from different cultures and we may disagree on certain things, but if everyone shared their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country would be united, without race, without gender, just Americans, God bless you”.

And he also left her a 450 dollars tip!

Don’t miss the heartwarming article made on Rosalind:

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