Student bought coffee and pastry for a homeless man, an hour later he put a wrinkled note in her hands that left me in tears

We don’t think anyone chooses to be homeless. And yet, most people almost always look at those living in the street with a sense of disgust, ignorance or contempt.

One day, Casey Fischer saw a homeless man singing for money in a street corner.

After a while, he went into the cafe where Casey was at. He managed to scratch only a single dollar..

Casey offered the man coffee and a pastry, and although the man was not very nice, he accepted her offer.

So Casey asked him if he wanted to sit down with her at the table.

The man, named Chris, looked shocked, but eventually accepted her invitation.

He told Casey that people usually looked down on him because he was homeless.

He also recognized the fact that he became homeless because of drugs and he hated himself for it.

Chris still dreamed of becoming the son whose mother would be proud of him, even though she had died long ago from cancer.

Casey and Chris talked for an hour before Casey realized she was late for her class. Time was flying and her lesson was about to begin.

As soon as Casey got up from the chair, Chris asked if she could wait a moment while he was writing something on a crumpled piece of paper. He put down her note and apologized for his ugly writing. Then the two parted and left.

When Casey opened the crumpled piece of paper, she realized that she had done much more than simply buy coffee and a pastry for a homeless person.

This is what was written in the note:
“I wanted to kill myself today, because of you I will not do it, thank you, you are a beautiful and wonderful person”.

Sometimes, even a little gesture, a few good words, or even a smile can make a much bigger difference than you’d think.

Remember this next time you meet a person who doesn’t feel as good as you do. You have no idea what he’s going through in life. But one thing is certain, everyone are equal just like us.

Not everyone can say with pride that they saved another man’s life, but Casey can!

Casey shared what happened on Facebook. This is her original post:

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