Test: Only a person with an IQ of 140 can find the 5 differences

The IQ, short for Intelligence Quotient, is a measure of a person’s intellectual capabilities. In short, it aims to evaluate an individual’s capacity to use information and logic to answer questions or make predictions.

IQ tests measure this capacity by assessing both short-term and long-term memory. They also gauge the ability and speed with which the person being tested can solve puzzles and recall heard information.

1. Find the five differences.

Scroll down to see the answer.

Every student can learn, regardless of their level of intelligence.

However, some students struggle in school because they are weak in a specific area of intelligence. These students are often supported by special educational programs.

They receive additional assistance in areas where they experience difficulties. Intelligence tests allow teachers to identify students who could benefit from this extra help.

Failures are a game that requires skill and strategy. Intelligence is useful, but diligence and commitment are equally important for the progressive development of skills.

IQ tests also help identify students who are suitable for gifted student support programs.

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