Little Boy Won’t Share His Pencils, But Then The Teacher Noticed Red Writing On One Side

Amanda Cox is one of the good ones. She’s a preschool teacher who is completely dedicated to her job. Since her job involves teaching young children to engage with the world around them through words, numbers, colors, and shapes, she focuses on that completely every day she is inside her preschool classroom. However, like many teachers in America, Amanda Cox does not receive enough funding from the government, so she is forced to rely on creative ways to get the resources she needs.

One day, when she was handing out pencils to her beloved students, Cox realized the government had not given her enough money to purchase enough pencils for her students. Thankfully there was a little boy in her class who always had extra pencils. Cox asked him if he would allow her to borrow some of his pencils, so the rest of the students could participate in the lesson. He agreed, but on one condition – she would have to make sure his pencils were returned by the end of the day.

As Cox began sharpening the pencils, she saw that they were covered in red writing. These messages on the pencils were inspiring affirmations to remind the boy how special and unique he was. The messages inspired Cox as well because they were covered in messages such as “You are so talented,” “This will be a great year,” and “You are creative.”

Because Cox loved that this boy’s pencils had affirmations written on them, she approached the boy to inspect the rest of his writing utensils. She discovered that every pencil he had was marked with an inspiring message.

“Never give up.” “You can do this.” “You are very knowledgeable.”

The boy’s mother or his father had dedicated a lot of time to make sure the boy’s pencils were extra special. Cox could see that this child was loved and that his parents wanted him to be as successful as possible during his school day.

Cox was delighted to see that this boy’s parent was going the extra mile to ensure the boy felt loved and appreciated. She shared a picture of the pencils on Facebook to highlight the simple way this child’s parents improved his life with a few inspiring messages.

“Thanks to his mom, he was reminded of his self-worth and wanted to share the same feeling with his classmates,” wrote Amanda Cox.

All the messages that were written on the pencils are as follows:

  • You are so talented.
  • This will be a great year.
  • You are creative.
  • You are phenomenal.
  • Never give up.
  • You can do this.
  • You are very knowledgeable.
  • You are intelligent.
  • Proud of you every day.
  • I love you!
  • You have a brilliant mind.
  • You are wonderful.
  • You are a problem solver.
  • Follow your dreams.
  • You are perfect.
  • I love you!
  • I am proud of you.
  • You will change the world.
  • You are amazing.
  • You are the best.
  • You are important.

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