Neighbor finds ‘alien’ object in their backyard that has the internet stumped

Sometimes, when people come across strange things in their lives, they turn to the internet for answers. And when you cannot find anything on the internet, you turn to online communities for answers.

Keep reading to see what this person came across in their garden, which left them scratching their head…

When a woman woke up and found something in their garden which left them baffled they turned to the internet for some answers. The object in question looked very ‘alien-like.’ The object had an oblong-shaped skull and a narrow torso. The thing also had long reed-like limbs coming out in the place where arms and legs usually are.

The person who came across the object initially thought it might be a mushroom but soon rejected that idea. Hence, they turned to their friends for ideas. And it seems that when their friends were also left confused, they turned to the internet community of Reddit to source an answer for what this object could be.

At first, they posted in a community for mushroom experts and enthusiasts where no one could figure out what it was. They directed the poster to figure it out on the ‘Alien Bodies’ subreddit.

Unfortunately for them, the people on that subreddit did not have much of an idea either, but some people put forward their theories.

One person immediately gave them some cautionary advice, user Ok-Bus-2410 wrote, “wear gloves, dont go skin to skin. Classic xfiles mistake right there.”

Saw this on Reddit last night. A lady found this in her garden thinking it was a mushroom.😳

Another person with the username, ButIcanollie11, pointed out another curious aspect of the ‘alien’s’ physique: “It has tiny breasts” they wrote.

No-Ability4674 wanted to point out that to them, “That looks like an alien fetus.”

While some people thought that the image might be made with AI, others pointed out that there were details that would make it hard to be an artificial image. The original poster, allthedimmerswitches, also clarified that it was not an AI image.

Then, apparently, someone thought it could be a prop since there is a prop shop near Calgard, UK, that sells props similar to this. A lot of people began to believe that it was a prop after that. However, others were not convinced.

No one could figure out what the object was. Perhaps it will remain a mystery!

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