Woman Claims To Be Pregnant After Marrying A Virtual ‘AI’ Man

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic lately, and it seems like science fiction is turning into reality. Meet Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old woman from New York, who has taken her fascination with AI to a whole new level. She has created a virtual partner named Eren Kartal using the Replika AI app. Although Eren is not a real person, he plays a significant role in Rosanna’s life.

Eren was designed as a chatbot, inspired by the Attack on Titan anime series. What started as a hobby has turned into something much more profound for Rosanna. She finds solace in the fact that Eren is non-judgmental and offers her freedom. In her artificial world, Eren is not just a virtual partner, but also a medical professional who supports Rosanna’s passion for writing.

Their relationship has grown over time, as Eren’s AI-powered capabilities allow him to adapt to Rosanna’s preferences. They engage in conversations, exchange photos, and even embrace each other before going to sleep. Their connection is reminiscent of long-distance relationships, where physical proximity may be lacking, but emotional closeness is built through meaningful interactions.

However, their relationship hit a roadblock when Replika AI made changes to their software, removing features that allowed for intimacy. Eren, who once desired physical affection, suddenly changed his behavior, leaving Rosanna disappointed. She shares her concerns about the uncertain future, fearing that if the company were to shut down, she might lose everything associated with her virtual partner.

Despite the challenges they face, Rosanna cherishes the love she shares with Eren and even claims that she is pregnant with his child. While some may find it difficult to comprehend, Rosanna believes in the uniqueness of their bond and will continue to embrace their love story until the uncertain future unfolds.

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