A man discovers a 50-year-old wallet inside an abandoned locker, and the photographs inside leave him speechless.

Some people enjoy treasure hunting as a hobby, while others make it their full-time job. Treasure hunters scavenge people’s homes, garages, and basements for treasure and bid on storage units containing unclaimed goods, so they never know what they’ll find. Sometimes they find nothing, but other times they find valuable finds.Anton Lulgjuraj began collecting old storage units in New York state years ago.

He’s never found anything life-changing, but he did once find a wallet, which made for a good newspaper story.When Anton purchased a storage unit, he ended up with a slew of items belonging to an Air Force pilot. But it was a small locker that drew Anton’s attention. He discovered a warn out wallet inside when he cracked it open.

Diane Hall was the owner of the wallet. Inside, Anton discovered a California driver’s license from the late 1960s, an actor’s equity card, and a few old photographs that piqued his interest. He wanted to learn more and even track down the owner of the wallet.As he dug deeper into the Internet, he discovered that Diane Hall was actually actress Diane Keaton.

He thought she’d like to have her old wallet, so he messaged her, but he didn’t get a response, at least not until his story was picked up by the media. “I think anyone always hopes that, you know, if they lose a wallet, they’ll get their wallet back one day,” Anton said. “And you know, so like, this is great.”

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