This is what the shape of your fist reveals about your personality

Our body language can reveal a great deal about our personality.

There are different ways to discover things about ourselves with the help of our body language, such as reading in the palm of the hand.

But did you know that you can know many things about your personality just by looking at the way you make a fist?

All you have to do is squeeze your palm into a fist, then take a good look at it, according to LittleThings.

Which image most closely resembles to yours?

1. Fingers over thumb
How people see you:

Everyone loves your enthusiasm, creativity and intelligence. People think that you are careful and that your life is full of peace and harmony.

Who you really are:

You try not to hurt anyone and you’re pretty quiet. You love being yourself with your friends, and you value loyalty and sincerity in people.

Your love life:

You want to feel comfortable in the relationship. You are full of sympathy and sometimes stay in a relationship just because you do not want to hurt your spouse. You avoid drama as much as possible and you forgive easily.

2. Thumb over the fingers
How people see you:

You are charismatic and full of talent, and everyone loves your good character. You have high self-confidence and you are attentive and flexible.

Who you really are:

You sometimes avoid talking so as not to hurt other people. You avoid taking risks and you have high expectations. People love you and enjoy your company.

Your love life:

Rarely will you forgive and complete first, and sometimes you ponder and think about past memories. You have a hard time opening up to people and are afraid of getting hurt.

3. Thumb over the index finger
How people see you:

You are people who love to dream, and love to consider others. You are generous and sociable. You are full of humor and people like to be in your company, sometimes you are impatient and stubborn.

Who you really are:

You value loyalty and kindness and you are careful people who respect others. People sometimes take advantage of your kindness, but you have a sixth sense that helps you discover and know who your true friends are.

Your love life:

You are very restrained when it comes to love. The most important thing for you is to follow your dreams and find someone who truly loves you.

I don’t know how it works and whether there is any research behind it, but the results matched my personality in an amazing way!

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