Leylah and Todd were together for five years. They had a great relationship, and they were together since Todd and his highschool sweetheart got separated. As Laura was close to Todd’s family, two years before Leylah and Todd got together, they

Todd’s mother Tammy had a great relationship with Laura, and always believed that Todd and Emma would end up together, and start their own family.

So, Tammy started to call Leylah with Todd’s ex’s name once in a while, as she didn’t made a big deal out of it at first, she was feeling tense about the situation.

As years passed, Tammy kept calling Leylah as Laura. Many times Todd talked with his mother, but that didn’t stopped.

Then came the 60th birthday of Tammy. Everyone were invited, and they were all going to bring food to the party. During the party, when Luara was in the kitchen with Tammy and her daughters, oldest sister of Todd turned to Leylah and asked, “Todd says you make mean meals and desserts, according to my husband here?”

“I do dabble here and there, and I think Todd just speaks highly about my kitchen prowess because he’s biased.” Leylah smiled.

Then Tammy turned and said, “Why don’t we let Laura make the birthday cake this year?”

Three women holding up birthday balloons that write out the number “60” | Source: Pexels
As Todd’s sisters laughed, “That’s a great idea!” Leylah said, as she had a plan for a revenge.

When the birthday arrived, Leylah was there with her plan for this special occasion. When people asked about the cake, “Ah, the birthday cake!” She said. “I was so looking forward to tasting Laura’s famous baking. Wasn’t she bringing the cake?”

Then Tammy was confused, “What do you mean, Laura? You were supposed to make the cake, Leylah!” She said.

“Mom, I think there’s been a bit of a mix-up. Maybe Laura got stuck in traffic?” Todd chuckled.

Then Todd’s younger sister tried to calm the room, “Well, maybe we can all just enjoy some ice cream from the freezer? There’s always a solution, right?”

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