Only a true brain whizz can spot man hidden among statues in 3 seconds

Optical illusions are quite trendy, with people scratching their heads at some of the illusions which can get really difficult. Recently, an optical illusion became viral as it initially showed a bunch of classical Grecian-style statues.

But if one were to observe it closely, they would find a hidden man inside it- who was alive. Yet, one needs to realize that this is an extremely difficult puzzle to solve, and only 1% of the entire population has the necessary observational skills to detect something that has been camouflaged so well.

The only way to find the hidden man inside this puzzle is by dividing the picture carefully into different parts- after which one would have to scan every single bit for details. You could also question yourself if you came across similar statues, and then make your assumption from that point. Here’s the picture in question:

Spot The Hidden Man In The Picture

So, did you manage to spot the hidden man? If you have, great job! But you failed, why don’t you go back and try it out once more? Who knows, inspiration might strike you.

As it stands, there is no innate talent needed to solve puzzles- all one needs is to keep solving them until one has got the hang of it. Also, this particular puzzle, which was shared by Jagran Josh, is not an easy puzzle and the differences between the lone man and the statues are extremely slight. But, if you see it once, it gets imprinted in your brain. The next time you look at it, you would find it to be the most obvious thing on earth.

Well, did you locate the hidden man finally?

Yes, he is the second statue from the left. After all, which Greek statue would have a watch?

The Camouflaged Antelopes
If you solved the first one, here is another optical illusion for you. Relax, there is no hidden man here, but there are a couple of antelopes carefully camouflaged in the picture. Can you spot them?

What makes this puzzle difficult is the color scheme. The color of the background and the stony surface perfectly masks the antelope- and if you are not observant enough, you will not be able to find it.

Remember, if you want to be considered as someone above intellect, and a genius to boot, you will have to find the antelopes within five seconds- so time yourself!

Did you find the antelope, or are you still searching for it like the hidden man? If you did, great you are a genius.

If you haven’t, why don’t you try again?

For those who have not been able to find it, one of the antelopes is located in the center of the picture, while the other is to its right, at a considerable height.

Look at it from a broadened point of view, and you will not miss it- trust us!

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