Dad Finds Goodbye Letter From His Teen Daughter. The Last Line Had Him Bawling

When dad went to check on his daughter, he was met with a surprising sight – a handwritten goodbye letter in her place. Curiosity piqued, he picked up the paper and started reading. As he went line by line, dad’s astonishment grew. The letter told an unbelievable tale that left him questioning his role as a father. And when he reached the last line, tears streamed down his face.

Dad had been searching for his daughter, Anna, as she had been missing for a few hours. After witnessing his favorite football team’s defeat, he hoped that talking to Anna would uplift his spirits. But instead of finding her in her room, he discovered a note left behind.

The note, placed on her bed, immediately filled dad with a sense of dread. Anna’s room was emptied of clothes and belongings – something was definitely amiss.

The letter began with, “Dear mom and dad, I’m sorry to have to tell you like this, but I’m eloping with my new boyfriend, Muhammad.” Dad’s shock continued to mount as he learned about Anna’s newfound love and admiration for Muhammad. Describing his piercings, scars, tattoos, and massive motorcycle, Anna painted a picture of an unconventional relationship.

But that wasn’t all – Anna dropped another bombshell. She revealed that she was expecting a child with Muhammad and that they planned to settle down in his trailer. Not only that, but Muhammad expressed a desire for even more children. Anna’s joy overflowed from every word she wrote.

As if that wasn’t enough to digest, Anna disclosed that Muhammad had enlightened her about the misunderstood nature of weed. They even had their own secret stash of 17 plants, enough for their needs and the supply of his friends. In return, they would provide them with an unlimited quantity of pills.

Anna expressed her hopes for a future cure for AIDS, as Muhammad was battling the disease. She firmly believed that he deserved a better life. Anna reassured her parents about financial concerns, explaining that Muhammad’s friends, Juan and Stanislav, who worked in the film industry, had arranged an acting gig for her. The gig paid well: $50 per scene, with an extra $50 for every scene involving multiple men.

Signing off with love, Anna playfully teased her dad about falling for her outrageous tale and reassured him that none of it was true. She had only gone to her friend Emma’s house to watch TV. Her intent was to remind him that there are worse things in life than their beloved Patriots losing to the Eagles.

As dad read his daughter’s letter, a mix of emotions overwhelmed him. In the end, he was relieved that Anna had concocted such an imaginative prank. It served as a gentle wake-up call, highlighting the importance of staying connected and grounded in reality. It was a reminder that their bond was unbreakable, even in the face of seemingly unbelievable situations.

Now, the question remains: what do you think about Anna’s creative prank?

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