When This Farmer Cracked Open This Giant Egg, What Was Inside Took His Breath Away (Photos)

Have you ever experienced cracking open an egg to discover two yolks inside? It’s not an everyday occurrence, but it happens. Here’s something even rarer: a farmer from Queensland, Australia, cracked a large egg to find a smaller egg, intact, inside. Scott Stockman, of Stockman’s Eggs, shared the unique discovery on Facebook, showing off a big egg of about 6 ounces in weight and about the size of an avocado. Compared to the typical egg size of 2 ounces, it’s huge!

He wrote: “One of our Free Range Girls has been working overtime. Check out this whopper! The average egg weighs around 58gms and this beauty came in at 176gms!!!”

Stockman further told news.com.au: “I have never seen such a large egg. It has got everyone baffled about why it happened.”

Stockman’s Eggs later shared an image on Facebook of the giant egg cracked open… revealing a new mystery besides its colossal size: an entire smaller egg inside of it!

The farm wrote: “There was an egg inside of it as well as a yolk!”

Many commented on the size of the egg, with notes about how painful that might have been for the hen, with one person writing: “must have a sore bum pushing them out” and another commenter noting: “that would have hurt.”

Others marveled at the magnificent egg, saying, “Wow what a beauty,” but others were very concerned, sharing notes such as: “Is the chicken still alive?! Omg” and “this is actually terrifying.”

Some commenters wondered if the large egg contained more fun inside, with one person asking: “I’m interested to know if it’s a double or triple yolk? Surely at that size it would have to be!”

When the farm showed off the egg inside, the commenter responded: “Holy wow! I didn’t even know that was possible. How does it happen?”

The farm replied that they really didn’t know why or how the egg could hold another treasure inside, writing: “Just a complete freak of nature!”

Others commented on the impressive egg, with comments including: “Wow that’s bizarre, never seen anything like it. Only double yolkers, not another egg.” Another person weighed in with their own experience and guessed there might be a bigger mystery inside, writing: “I was scrolling looking for this as I could’ve put money on this being the outcome, had the same thing once.”

The impressive and mysterious giant egg housing another egg really got some major attention too, as the farm gave an update on their Facebook page, while getting in a plug for the business as well, because free publicity surrounding a freak egg can’t be a bad thing, right? They wrote: “Welcome to all of our new followers! Our page has been viewed by 70,000 people today alone. Who would have thought our small family business could reach so many people? Don’t forget you can pick up a dozen of our eggs at all major supermarkets across the Cairns region.” Noted.

Of course, no word or photos of the real star of this whole thing: where’s the hen that laid the massive egg?

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