This image from the ‘Pretty Woman’ blooper reel is completely not edited. Give it a closer look, and you’ll quickly grasp why

“Pretty Woman,” the beloved romantic comedy featuring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide since its debut in 1990. While the film is cherished for its enchanting plot and unforgettable characters, behind the scenes lies a treasure trove of delightful bloopers waiting to be uncovered.

In a rare glimpse into the film’s production, fans have been treated to a collection of bloopers showcasing the camaraderie and laughter shared by the cast and crew. From flubbed lines to unexpected mishaps, these outtakes offer a lighthearted and entertaining peek into the filmmaking process.

One memorable blooper captures Julia Roberts struggling to maintain composure during a pivotal scene. Despite her efforts to deliver her lines with charm, a fit of giggles ensues, prompting laughter from both Roberts and her co-star Richard Gere. This endearing moment underscores the genuine chemistry between the two leads that contributed to the film’s iconic status.

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