Kathy Bates health: Actress ‘went berserk’ after diagnosis of ‘incurable’ condition

Stories like this one show that Hollywood celebrities are just like us, experiencing pain and going through struggles.

During her most recent interview on the Dr. Phil show, Kathy Bates, who won an academy award, discusses her illness and the challenges she faced without revealing it to the public.

Unexpectedly, life presented her with the most challenging part she had ever played – that of a courageous fighter and warrior who had to overcome cancer for the second time.

In 2012, she found the courage to share with US Weekly that she had overcome ovarian cancer and had been cancer-free for nine years. However, she revealed that a few weeks ago she received the news of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Describing the experience of receiving this diagnosis, she compared it to being in a room scarier than American Horror Story.In 2003, she received the heartbreaking news that she had ovarian cancer. From that moment, her difficult journey began. She endured several painful surgeries and underwent nine months of chemotherapy.

However, she chose to keep her battle a secret, confiding only in PEOPLE magazine “I didn’t tell anybody. I continued to work right after the operation, doing Little Black Book with Brittany Murphy.

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