Woman Posts Bathroom Selfie, Takes It Down Soon After Noticing ‘Embarrassing’ Reflection

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in May 2020. Shannan Butt took what she believed was a perfect bathroom selfie and went on to share it on Instagram. However, half an hour later, she discovered an interesting detail in the photo that she’d missed.

Butt posed in a cap and sunglasses, but in the background was a mirror reflection of her boyfriend, Harry, wiping his b*tt in the toilet. When the 22-year-old checked her Instagram 37 minutes later, she spotted the embarrassing detail and quickly deleted the post.

When she told her friends about the unfortunate incident, they encouraged her to share it on Twitter.

She tweeted: “As if I had this photo up on my insta for 37 minutes before noticing that my boyfriend is literally WIPING HIS A*SE in the mirror behind me, sound as* x.”

The post garnered hundreds of comments and over 125,000 likes. Many of those who commented on the post questioned Harry’s wiping style.

One person commented: “Why is he stood up? What kind of person does that?!”

Another one wrote: “Stand up wiper, respect.”

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