Let’s wish a very happy birthday to one of the nation’s favorite journalists, Diane Sawyer!

Let’s wish a very happy birthday to one of the nation’s favorite journalists, Diane Sawyer!

She is probably best known for anchoring major programs like ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, and 20/20 – but she’s also known for her interviews with the rich and famous!
Here is how old she’s turning… (in the first commnt)

It’s been a very difficult year for Hollywood star Jeremy Renner, who suffered serious injuries after a snow plow accident on January 1.

But over the past few months, the actor has been making a slow and steady recovery — and recently opened up about his experiences in his first interview since the acci dent.

Jeremy Renner – snow plow accident. Renner is best known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with Oscar-nominated performances in The Town and The Hurt Locker.

But his thriving Hollywood career took a drastic and life-threat ening turn on January 1 when the 52-year-old actor was involved in an acci dent in which he was run over by a 14,330-pound snowcat at his home in Washoe County, Nevada.

According to reports, Renner was removing snow from his nephew’s driveway. When the vehicle began to slide down the street towards his nephew, Renner intervened to save him but was dragged under the track.

Renner suffered blunt chest trauma, and later revealed he broke over 30 bones in his body. After being airlifted to the hospital, Renner was said to be in critical but stable condition and was in the intensive care unit.

The actor has been sharing updates about his progress, thanking fans for their support. He has undergone surgeries and physical therapy, and on January 17 said he would be leaving the hospital to recover at home.

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