Woman refuses to meet with man she met on dating app after noticing one small detail in his photo

In recent years, dating has been taken to a whole new level. The reason why is the advancement of technology and the emergence of plenty of dating sites most people heavily rely on in the pursuit of true love.

That old fashioned dating when you met someone through a mutual friend or at a bar is barely nonexistent any longer.

However, as much as dating sites offer easy matching with people we have never met in person before, they also hide the dangers of stumbling upon suspicious people that represent themselves in a completely different light than they actually are.

There have been times when people who started talking and bonded with the help of a dating app experience a total shock when they meet in person.

A woman named Jocelyn shared her experience with someone she met on the dating site Bumble.

According to Bumble’s description, “women always make the first move,” so when she was matched with a man named Myles whom she found attractive, she decided to message him through the app.

After some time, Jocelyn agreed to give Myles her phone number so that he could text her and arrange the two to meet up for dinner.

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