Remember Her From Storage Wars? Here’s How She Ended Up

Facing Uncertainty

The conclusion of Storage Wars left many cast members uncertain about their future careers. Some encountered legal battles or tragic events, leaving fans curious about their lives off-screen.

Barry Weiss: The Collector

Barry Weiss, a fan favorite, left Storage Wars to pursue spin-off shows. However, his ventures were short-lived. In 2019, he suffered a severe motorcycle accident. Despite this setback, he later became a brand ambassador for a casino.

Dan and Laura Dotson: The Auctioneers

The auctioneering duo, Dan and Laura Dotson, continued their business post-Storage Wars. Tragedy struck when their son was injured in a shooting incident.

Dave Hester: The Antagonist

Dave Hester, the show’s antagonist, faced legal battles post-Storage Wars. Although he returned to the show briefly, he later lost a lawsuit against Public Storage.

Emily Wares: The Auctioneer

Emily Wares pursued personal and entrepreneurial ventures post-show, including starting a family and running a small business selling cowboy-themed goods.

Rene Nezhoda and Casey Lloyd: The Thrift Store Owners

Rene Nezhoda and Casey Lloyd continued running their thrift store but encountered a robbery, leading them to enhance security measures.

Daryl Sheets: The Gambler

Daryl Sheets embraced semi-retirement post-Storage Wars, overcoming health issues and finding love in a new city.

Justin Bryant: The Youngest Bidder

Justin Bryant, the youngest bidder, now leads a family life and manages a YouTube channel after using his profits to support his family.

Mo Poff: The Side Character

Mo Poff, a successful podiatrist and art dealer on the show, passed away in 2021 after battling a long illness.

Jenny Grumbles: The Dazzler

Jenny Grumbles focused on her furniture business post-show, overcoming personal challenges like achieving sobriety and becoming a mother.

Brandi Passante: The Fan Favorite

Brandi Passante faced personal struggles, including domestic violence and health issues, after the show’s end.

Tom Beers: The Executive Producer

Tom Beers continued his television career post-Storage Wars while enjoying family life.

Mary Padian: The Junkster

Mary Padian continued treasure hunting and running her business, also contributing to charitable causes.

Brandon Sheets: Daryl’s Son

Brandon Sheets transitioned to real estate and worked for UPS after his time on the show.

Kenny Crossley: The Catchphrase King

Kenny Crossley started his clothing line and manages a candy company while sharing his experiences on YouTube.

Ivy Calvin: The King of Palmdale

Ivy Calvin continued operating his thrift store and adapted to online sales during the pandemic.

Jarrod Schulz: Overcoming Troubles

Jarrod Schulz, with a troubled past, turned his life around post-prison, starting a successful business and appearing on Storage Wars with his partner Brandi Passante, although they later split.

Moving Forward

These stories illustrate the challenges and successes cast members faced after leaving reality TV. Despite difficulties, each found their path to success and resilience, showcasing the diverse journeys beyond the screen.

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