Dad Finds Goodbye Letter From His Teen Daughter. The Last Line Had Him Bawling

When dad went to go check on his daughter, he found a handwritten goodbye letter where she should have been. Dad picked up the paper and started reading the emotional note. As he went line by line, dad’s jaw started to drop as he learned about the unbelievable story that his daughter was telling him through the written note. It was a story that was so unbelievable and terrible that as a dad he knew he had failed to be the role model and father figure she had needed all her life – and when he reached the last line, he started crying.

Dad had been looking for his daughter, Anna because he had not seen her in a few hours. Since he had just watched his home football team lose a game, he wanted to talk to Anna since doing so always lifted his spirits. But when he went to go check on her, he found the note left behind where she was supposed to be.

The note was on her bed. Her room had been emptied out of her clothes and other belongings. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

“Dear mom and dad,

“I’m sorry to have to tell you like this, but I’m eloping with my new boyfriend, Muhammad.

“I’ve finally found true love, and he’s just great! I especially love his cute piercings, sexy scars, cool tattoos, and his big motorcycle!

“And that’s not all. I’m expecting a child with Muhammad, and I’m already three months pregnant. We’re going to settle down in his trailer, and he says that he wants even more children. I’m so happy!!! And guess what? We’re going to get married next week!

“He’s also explained to me that weed isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be, so now we’re growing 17 plants behind our trailer. We’ll have enough for him and his friends, and in return, they’ll give us as many pills as we want.

“I do hope they find a cure for AIDS soon so that Muhammad can get better. He really deserves it. Don’t worry about money. Muhammad’s friends Juan and Stanislav are in the movie business, and they’ve arranged for me to become an actress!

“The job pays pretty well, 50 dollars per taking, and I get another 50 if there are more than three men in the same scene. I’m 16-years-old and can take care of myself.

“The next time I come to visit, you’ll get to see your grandchild.

“XOXO, Anna

“P.S. Dad, none of this is true. I only popped over to Emma’s place to watch some TV. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than the Patriots losing to the Eagles! See you in a bit.”

As dad was reading his daughter’s letter, his heart was fluttering in his chest. Fortunately, she knew exactly how to prank her old man who had lost touch with reality and that if something like her story happened to Anna, it would be much worse than a football loss.

What do you think about her creative prank?

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