Could You Please Identify These Items for Us?

Everyday, our readers submit photos of the beautiful antiques they come across. Occasionally, we see an item that has us puzzled, so we turn to you for help! Take a look at the following sixitems, and see if you can identify all of them. And as always, thank you for sharing your photos!

Can someone tell me what this was used for.The only marking is Sterling.”

“Does anyone know what in the heck this thing is. I found it in my cabinet with auction tag still on it.”


“We received these from my husband’s great grandmother. Anyone know what they are or their age? It’s a set of 6 with hollow rods and some kind of Aztec depiction in the center of the circles. The only marking is Made In Mexico in Spanish on the back. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!”

“Wondering what this is. It opens and closes, Has an opening on the tapered end. I think it’s cast aluminum. “

“I’m trying to find out what this is and maybe what it could be worth, Help”

“Would love to know what this is. I got it from my grandmother’s antique store 40 years ago. “

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