You Shouldn’t Attach Other Keys to Your Ignition Key. Here’s Why

Many car owners might overlook the potential dangers of having a heavy keyring attached near their car’s ignition. Jake McKenzie, content manager for Auto Accessories Garage, highlights a crucial point – “Too many keys on your keyring can damage the sensitive interior components of your ignition cylinder”.

1 The ignition cylinder, not designed to bear any substantial weight, goes through wear and tear every time you hit a bump or take a turn, which can eventually lead to starting issues down the line. Add the weight of other keys attached wear your ignition key should only be, and that wear and tear only happens faster.

Lauren Milligan, a career advancement coach, had an incident where her husband’s keyring was so heavy that it caused the key to pull out while he was driving! The cautionary tale truly highlights how weight distribution of any kind can lead to severe safety issues. Keep your ignition key separate!

Attaching extra keys to your ignition key might seem convenient, but risk is involved. The damage to the switch that turns your car on, increased risk of theft, wear and tear where your keys go, electrical issues, and safety hazards while driving are all potential issues that stem from the “convenience” of having your keys all in one place.2 These risks cover the mechanical, security, and safety aspects of your vehicle, so at least consider making the change.

When the ignition switch bears the brunt of extra wear and tear over time (due to more weight being present than necessary), it can cause serious problems. In places like the UK, where it is usually cold and damp, an improperly maintained ignition switch can render a car completely immobile on a chilly morning.

Modern vehicles rely on pretty complex electrical systems, and interference caused by additional keys on the ignition keyring can disrupt the communication between the ignition switch and the car’s computer. This interference has reared its head for drivers in the form of engine misfires and warning lights on the dashboard, potentially impacting the overall performance of the vehicle and creating costly repair jobs.

Road safety is paramount for drivers and pedestrians alike. Attaching multiple keys to you car key poses a risk to everyone on the roads. The jingling of a keyring can and has created driver distractions, to the point that an obstructed driver’s view has lead to to accidents in the past. To prioritize safety and avoid the legal and financial consequences of accidents, leave the ignition key on its own.

The seemingly harmless practice of attaching multiple keys to the ignition keyring carries substantial risks. We should all be proactive in maintenance checks, as specified in the car’s owner’s manual, to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle’s system. Getting assistance from professional mechanics or auto technicians for any ignition or electrical issues is a prudent step to maintain vehicle safety and performance. Separating the ignition key from other keys is a simple adjustment that can safeguard the vehicle’s safety, reliability, and longevity. As the saying goes, when it comes to your ignition key, less is indeed more. Of course, if you have a push-button start, this will not apply to you.

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