Kate & William Flew in a Helicopter to Rest in the Countryside: Rare Glimpses of Their Peaceful Home

After the announcement of a serious health threat, Princess Catherine and her family were seen leaving their residence. The helicopter drew attention to their departure. Now it has become known where the couple and their young family were going, and their reasons.

A story of resilience and solitude unfolds in the serene landscapes of Norfolk, England, as Prince William and Princess Catherine, affectionately known as Kate, prepare to spend the Easter holidays away from prying eyes at their country home Anmer Hall. The decision followed the heartbreaking announcement that Princess Catherine had been diagnosed with cancer, an event that led to massive support from around the world

The couple, joined by their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, preferred the tranquility of their Norfolk residence to the traditional Easter service at Windsor, marking a touching moment in their lives. Anmer Hall, a Georgian mansion set amidst the lush landscapes of Norfolk, is a testament to the couple’s love story, given by the late Queen Elizabeth II as a wedding gift.

This 10-bedroom sanctuary, built in 1802, served as a backdrop for the family’s most intimate moments away from the merciless gaze of the public. The mansion, which has undergone several renovations, the last of which was carried out in 2021 and reportedly cost 1.5 million pounds, offers the Wales family privacy to focus on recovery and togetherness during these difficult times.

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