The Marine Corps Is Changing Its Dress Code For Women

Progressive Change in Dress Code

The United States Marine Corps makes a significant stride towards modernizing its dress code for women, departing from long-standing traditions.

End of Mandatory Pantyhose

Effective immediately, female Marines no longer need to wear pantyhose with their uniform skirts, marking a policy shift since women joined the Marine Corps officially in 1948.

Official Announcement and Rules

Marine Corps officials officially announced this change, stating that wearing hosiery with skirts is now optional. However, if chosen, pantyhose must be a “skin tone harmonizing” shade, while dark hose remains acceptable under dress slacks.

Reasoning Behind Revision

The decision to revise the hosiery requirement reflects a broader initiative within the Marine Corps to reassess and update outdated policies.

Prioritizing Comfort

Maj. Joshua Larson, spokesperson for the Office of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, emphasized that the previous mandate didn’t align with a “common sense” approach.

Supportive Leadership

Furthermore, Larson highlighted Marine Corps leaders’ responsibility to mentor, support, and advocate for their Marines, emphasizing Talent Management initiatives aimed at enhancing their lives.

Precedents and Shifts

The U.S. Navy adjusted its policy in 2022, allowing female members to forgo hosiery when wearing slacks or skirts, setting a precedent for the Marine Corps. Similarly, the U.S. Air Force abolished its hosiery requirement for women in 2021, reflecting broader military trends.

Inclusivity and Flexibility

The Marine Corps’ decision to make pantyhose optional for female Marines promotes inclusivity, flexibility, and practicality within its ranks.

Equity Commitment

As the organization evolves to meet its diverse workforce’s needs, such policy changes reaffirm its commitment to fostering a culture of respect, dignity, and equity for all service members.

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