The Image That Baffled Psychologists And Neurologists. Those Who See The Two Women Have A Genius-Level IQ.

An image that involves a high level of observation skills and IQ is causing a sensation among international university students.

Specifically, two psychology professors from Flinders University in Australia came up with a sketch in which, at first glance, an elderly woman appears.

In fact, the drawing also hides the image of a young lady.

Beyond testing the intelligence quotient, this picture also “reveals” one’s age.

Studies have shown that people over the age of 32 first notice the elderly woman and only then the young one.

On the other hand, individuals under the age of 32 see the young lady first.

If you find it difficult to find the young woman, here’s a clue: the left cheek of the young lady is in profile, and the nose of the elderly woman is actually the chin of the young one.

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