He visited the hospital after experiencing a headache for several days.

During August, Luis Ortiz, a Sacramento State senior, visited his mother in Napa when he suddenly experienced a severe headache. Paramedics rushed him to Queen of the Valley Medical Center after his mother dialed 9-1-1. A brain scan unveiled a tapeworm in Luis’s brain, necessitating urgent surgery. The physician informed him that he had mere minutes left to live.

Critical Procedure

Emergency brain surgery was swiftly performed to remove the parasitic tapeworm larvae obstructing circulation in Luis’s brain. Equipped with a camera, medical staff detected and extracted the larvae during the procedure.

Unexpected Encounter

Recalling the ordeal, Luis expressed shock at the wriggling tapeworm being removed from his brain. He pondered the odds of harboring such a parasite in his head, musing over possible sources of infection.

Possible Sources of Infection

Doctors speculated on potential sources of the parasite, including consuming raw pork, swimming in rivers, or traveling to underdeveloped regions. Luis denied these activities but remained uncertain about the worm’s duration in his skull.

Tapeworm Infections

Tapeworms, originating from animals, can infect humans through undercooked meat consumption or poor hygiene practices. Larvae can migrate to the brain, causing serious infections.

Recovery and Resilience

Despite the harrowing experience, Luis remains determined to complete college and embrace life’s opportunities. He expressed gratitude for his survival, acknowledging that waiting longer could have been fatal.

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