Wendy’s Manager Creates ‘Ghost Employee’ And Steals $20K After 128 Fake Shifts

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about employees stealing from their company. But Linda Johnson, a former manager at Wendy’s, took things to a whole new level.

Linda Johnson came up with a unique method of stealing from the restaurant where she worked. She invented an employee named William Bright and proceeded to clock him in for 128 different shifts. The wages for these shifts were then funneled into her own account. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t end well for her, as she is now facing theft charges for her deceptive actions.

This scheme went on for almost a year, but eventually, she got caught. It all started in June 2021, when she began clocking in William Bright for shifts. This continued until May of the following year, when her actions finally came to light.

During an investigation, other employees were questioned about working with William Bright, but none of them could recall ever seeing or working with him. Eventually, Johnson confessed to making up the fake employee because she wanted to earn some extra money. The paychecks were conveniently deposited into her own account.

After being charged with a criminal offense, Johnson disappeared, and the police are still on the lookout for her. They are urging anyone with information on her whereabouts to come forward.

When news of this incident spread on social media, public opinion was divided. Some people felt that since she had managed to get away with it for so long, she should have been allowed to keep the money she had stolen.

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