The Heartwarming TikTok that Went Viral: Aspiring Barrister Celebrates Passing Bar Exams with Grandparents

A heartwarming TikTok video featuring an aspiring barrister has taken the internet by storm, capturing the emotional moment when she discovers that she has passed her bar exams. The video, which has amassed nearly 9 million views in just four days, shows Cardiff-based Seren Lewis and her grandparents opening her bar results.

Lewis, who studied the LLB and completed her masters in Manchester before undertaking the bar course with The University of Law, considers passing the bar and qualifying as a barrister to be her greatest accomplishment to date. In the video, she expresses her gratitude towards her grandparents, highlighting their significant role in her journey. “Taking me in at 2 years old and retiring early to care for a toddler was the most selfless act anyone could have done for me,” Lewis says.

Bar school is known for being incredibly expensive and often inaccessible for many people in the UK. Lewis acknowledges the sacrifices her grandparents made to support her dreams, explaining that they decided to remortgage their house, which they had paid off many years ago, in order to cover the expenses. Without their generosity, she firmly believes she would not have achieved what she has today. While Lewis acknowledges her hard work and many late nights, she also credits her achievements to the unwavering support of her grandparents.


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