Subway Restaurant Criticized for ‘Poor Taste’ After Putting Titanic Joke on Sign

A US Subway restaurant came under fire for making fun of the OceanGate Titan submarine on the outdoor sign.

It turns out that the idea of five people dying in a “catastrophic implosion” at a significant depth in the ocean isn’t quite ready for a good laugh just yet.

About 600 kilometers from Newfoundland, the five passengers on board the OceanGate submersible were making their way to the Titanic wreck site in the Atlantic Ocean.

Nevertheless, they lost communication with the surface an hour and a half into their descent to the 12,500-foot ocean floor, and later discovered wreckage shows that the experimental vehicle experienced a catastrophic issue and collapsed, killing everyone on board nearly immediately.

Accordingly, the passengers Shahzada and Suleman Dawood, a father and son, as well as OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, British billionaire Hamish Harding, French diver Paul-Henry Nargeolet, and other passengers are now all deceased.

That didn’t stop the bosses of a Subway restaurant in Georgia from making fun of it.

In front of the Rincon Subway restaurant was a sign that stated, “Our subs don’t implode.” Given what happened, it is obvious that many individuals who have seen that sign have noted that it is probably not in good taste. In either case, it’s probably way too soon.

The store manager for that particular Subway reportedly verified to local media that the sign had been taken down and that no further comments would be forthcoming. Is it tasteless?’ was posted on Reddit. Yes, it is Subway, and a large crowd has assembled to voice their opinions.

The question of whether the joke was more distasteful than Subway’s offerings was hotly contested. On Twitter, though, a user published a photo and wrote: “This is at your store in Rincon, GA. Not only is it distasteful, it’s just sad. “Do better.”

Another person wrote, “This is what we are doing now? Making fun of people who lost their lives.”

A third said, “This is tacky to say the least. In Rincon, GA. Be better, Subway.” A fourth comment read: “@SUBWAY, people literally lost their lives, and you advertise with a joke on @OceanGateExped. I hope your Rincon location gets closed and all their staff gets fired for their actions.”

A spokesperson for Subway mentioned: “We have been in contact with the franchise about this matter and made it clear that this kind of comment has no place in our business. “The sign has since been removed.”

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